Data Center Precision Cooling Services Northern Virginia

Your important IT hardware gets HOT, lets us cool it down

Data Center Precision Cooling Services Northern Virginia

Precision Cooling Service Provided by Dedicated Professionals

In today’s high tech world the need for data centers has never been greater. All of this equipment produces heat, and heat is a killer when it comes to expensive IT hardware. Creators of Total Comfort Mechanical are experts in designing, installing and maintaining precision cooling equipment that meets this growing demand. Whether you are looking to switch to a brand new more efficient system, or need to have your existing system serviced and tuned, we have the certified technicians that can handle any job, large or small.


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COTC Mechanical Data Center Cooling Services
  • Split Systems
  • Air Conditioners
  • Heat Pumps
  • Humidifiers
  • Evaporator Coils
  • Condenser Coils
  • Computer Room Air Conditioning

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Sophisticated Cooling Methods

Precision Cooling Systems are becoming more sophisticated with the demand for better cooling of the higher heat loads of today’s IT equipment. This sophistication takes a specially trained technician to design, set up, test and maintain. Creators of Total Comfort Mechanical has the technicians with the proper training and skills for these exceedingly complex systems.

Eliminate Hot Spots

There have been many changes in data center cooling requirements in recent years. An increase in the heat load density of new-technology IT equipment resulting in increased heat loads. Higher density means higher heat loads for current cooling systems to handle. Traditional Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) cannot support these higher loads without supplemental cooling, meaning that hot spots can occur. Creators of Total Comfort Mechanical understands these issues and has the training to overhaul an inadequate system or create a new strategy for supplemental cooling of the CRAC system.

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Precision Cooling Expertise for NOVA Businesses

COTC-120hWOBottonTextAs IT equipment continues to evolve, precision cooling has become more important and complex. What worked yesterday may not tomorrow, and staving off data center cooling issues before they become problems is a hallmark of an efficient data center operation.

COTC Mechanical stays up to date with all the latest technology and trends in the precision cooling business and is a partner of choice for some of the most demanding data centers in the region. As precision cooling experts we fully understand just how critical a precision cooling plan is to business. Our experts are available to meet and discuss a range of options, from system design, precision cooling auditing, and long-range service agreements that will help you achieve your stated uptime and failure goals.

[COTC’s] Robert is outstanding. I’ve lived in this area for 9 years now and have called dozens of contractors for a variety of work. A huge number never call you back. Some arrive to size up the work and you never hear from them again. Robert is the exception… arrives when promised, sizes up the situation, explains himself, and offers a variety of solutions.

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